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We know contracting. Like you, we’ve struggled with cash flow, not having enough work and then too much, growing our business, keeping up with all the industry regulations, marketing to new customers, developing a skilled team, not to mention dealing with the day-to-day fires.

We are passionate about helping others succeed. After successfully building and selling his business, Shawn Henson decided to help others scale their companies. Partnering with Talent Acquistion and Operations specialist, Michael Raymer Sr. allows Gray Wolf Strategies to help with building processes, managing teams, strategic planning in marketing, budget forecasting, and working towards long-term goals such as exit strategy planning.

We believe in building a strategy that suits you. Everyone will stumble along the way to an extraordinary business. Our companies succeeded because we learned from our many mistakes. We know that the difference between success and failure is how you manage what you learn from the fails. Together, we’re constantly improving and testing different business tactics and adopting what works, and being agile when something doesn't.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Strategy

  • Operations & Management

  • Financial Planning

  • Marketing

  • Safety Management

  • Quality Management

  • Project Management

  • Succession Planning

How can Gray Wolf help you?

When growing your company, it is a good idea to have a trustworthy person to bounce ideas off. Spend 30 minutes with Shawn & Mike for FREE. We’ll talk about what is going on in your business and you’re goals for the future. Let’s talk about your trade, book a consultation today!