Meet Our Team

Shawn Henson

Together with Gray Wolf Strategies, your largest goals become attainable.

Gray Wolf Strategies was created with one singular goal in mind, to maximize the ROI of our clients by assisting them in three main verticals.

We believe that high-level business strategy, talent acquisition and customer acquisition are the cornerstones of every great business.

The founders are committed to training its Wolf Pack members in all the areas required for their business to thrive.

We believe with a strong strategy, careful planning, a sense of urgency, and an unwillingness to give up; you can lead your pack more effectively.

Shawn Henson, Mr. 10-4 himself and co-founder of Your Home Services (later rebranded as Integrity Home Solutions), brings more than 20 years of experience in trades-related services.His expertise in sales, marketing, customer service, management, and operations is what allowed him to grow his home service company from $0 to $10 million in just four years.

Shawn is the rarest of company owners in the trades industry as he does not come from a technical background. In fact, it was his business acumen that gave him the edge over his competition. In 2021, at the conclusion of his fourth year in business, Shawn successfully sold to a private equity firm.

At the time of his exit, Integrity Home Solutions had 33 trucks (Plumbing and HVAC) on the road and approximately 50 employees.

As Co-Founder of Gray Wolf Strategies, Shawn has now decided to dedicate his time and efforts to helping home service businesses grow.

We believe in building a strategy that suits you.

Everyone will stumble along the way to an extraordinary business. Our companies succeeded because we learned from our many mistakes.

We know that the difference between success and failure is how you manage what you learn from the fails.

Together, we’re constantly improving and testing different business tactics and adopting what works, and being agile when something doesn’t.

Areas of Expertise

01.   Coaching

02.  Business Consulting

03.  Staffing & Recruiting

04. Marketing

05. On-Site Training

06. On-Demand Training

Gray Wolf Strategies contracting business consulting program can help!

We’ll help you see the opportunities, and the distractions, on your way to becoming the next best local contractor in your field!

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