How We Help You Make More Money 

At Gray Wolf Strategies, we know the ins and outs of home services. We’ve built them ourselves from the ground up. That means we also can relate to the challenges that arise in these industries, such as cash flow (or lack there-of), time management when there’s too much work one day and not enough the next, and staying on top of the seemingly endless industry regulations, team management, client onboarding, and the daily to-dos.  

Whether you are new to the game with a startup or have been around for a while but are struggling to take things to the next level, our business consultants can help your trades company save money and dramatically boost your profits. Scroll on to see how we answer the age-old question: how we make you more money. 

Why Hiring a Business Consultant is Worth It 

Here’s the thing: You may try to talk yourself out of hiring a business consultant because you see it as an unnecessary expense. However, the reality is a business consultant can help you save both money, and perhaps more importantly, time. Time is money, after all.  

Our consultants will help you streamline your processes, which includes: 

  • Cutting out unnecessary expenses 
  • Expanding your profitability 
  • Improving your team’s productivity without leading to burnout, and more.  

Here are the specific ways we do this: 


It’s essential that as a growing business you are smart with money. This doesn’t equate to being afraid of spending money, but rather knowing when and where to invest.  

A consulting company such as Gray Wolf Strategies will help you create an overall budget so that you are investing in a way that makes sense for your growth while remaining fiscally responsible.  

Providing Resources 

Working with a business strategy firm will open up a world of networking possibilities. You will have access to trustworthy connections, whether it be a marketing agency, human resources, or material suppliers. By relying on these connections through your consultant, you eliminate the risk of hiring unreliable employees or contractors. 

Additionally, you’ll potentially gain access to funding opportunities. Our business consultants are connected with investors, venture capitalists, angel investors, and others who may be interested in helping your business. 

Success story: One of our clients took nearly 40 years to reach $2M, and in about 2 years with Gray Wolf, they are on track to do $4.1M! We’re proud they’re part of our pack. 

Reducing Errors 

Whether your home services business is brand new or seasoned, a business consultant can help you eliminate errors that waste time, energy, and money. Any business endeavor involves some trial and error, but as part of the Gray Wolf pack, you can significantly reduce any guesswork.  

Pinpointing and reducing errors will help you streamline your process.  

You set yourself up for success by implementing strategies that: 

  • Save money 
  • Produce products or services more efficiently 
  • Manage time better for both you and your employees 
  • Boost overall morale 

Conducting Market Analysis 

To see real results that grow your business, a market analysis is essential! With a game plan for compiling and analyzing market research, our seasoned professionals will make sure your business model is sustainable within your industry. If we find issues, we’ll help you implement the necessary corrections. 

Grow with Gray Wolf Strategies 

When you connect with our experienced consultants at Gray Wolf Strategies, we will work with you through every step of building and expanding your service-based business. Experts give you one-on-one advice that’s tailored to your exact needs now. That dedication is how we’ll really help you make more money.  

Whether your industry is HVAC, plumbing, electrical, solar, or any other home services gig, we can strategize solutions that target your specific goals and vision. With our personal experience building a $10M+ plumbing and HVAC company (in just 4 years), we know how to make massive growth your reality!  

The path to success starts by joining the pack. Reach out to Shawn and Mike at Gray Wolf Strategies today to book your complimentary consultation! 

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